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Harp Therapy & Guided Imagery

When the Beauty of the Harp meets the Power of the Human Voice.

HT Online Courses
Ludwig Conistabile

Learn how to use your harp and your voice for Deep Relaxation, Guided Meditation, Soundbaths and Therapeutic Visualization in the Beginners and Advanced "Guided Imagery Harp Therapy Courses".

Learn how to master the imaginative power of the harp combined with  Archetypal Stories for adults and kids in the upcoming

"Therapeutic Storytelling with the Harp": starting online in October 2024!

20 years of Harp Therapy and Guided Imagery practice and teaching experience at the service of personal enhancement and wellbeing.


Ludwig Conistabile

Ludwig is an Italian musician, composer and harp therapy practitioner with a twenty-year practice and teaching experience both in Italy and abroad. He's the founder of "Arpaterapia Immaginativa" (Guided imagery Harp therapy), a method that combines the vibrational and resonating power of the harp with GIM techniques. He's the Teaching Director of the Harp Therapy School Arpamagica in Milan where he's been teaching and coordinating research studies since 2002 in the fields of Music and Harp Therapy. He's an International Harp Therapy Program Certified Harp Therapy Practitioner (NSBTM accredited) and instructor. He's a professional, high level Conference Interpreter and speaks English, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese. 

Harp Therapy

Harp therapy is a branch of modern Music therapy that focuses on the use of the Harp as the main means of therapeutic intervention by virtue of its enormous vibrational and resonance potential and the place it occupies in our Collective Unconscious.


Guided Imagery

. Guided Imagery therapy is a set of techniques involving the therapeutic use of Creative Visualization to stimulate positive changes and consolidate our perception of the Self as an inner core of Strength and Resilience.


Harp Therapy & Guided Imagery Model

In Ludwig's approach, traditional GI is combined with Music and Harp therapy principles, thus creating a powerful, double intervention channel, that works at cognitive and multi-sensory levels. This method focuses on two main areas: Deep Relaxation and Creative Visualization. The former aims at enhancing our ability to reconnect with our Self Core and Manage Stress; the latter focuses on creating the enabling conditions for our Creativity and Healing potential to arise. The Method can be easily adapted to suit several therapeutic interventions needs, from Yoga or Mindfulness practice, to Meditation, Soundbaths, Preventive care for Stress Management, PTSD treatment, Coaching and much more.

 Therapeutic Storytelling with the Harp 

Ludwig has been practicing and teaching Therapeutic Storytelling for the last twenty years as a parallel track to Guided Imagery HT at the Arpamagica Music Therapy Reserach Center and Music Therapy School in Milan. This branch directly stems from the GI&HT model and the possibility of creating a deep connection with one's imaginative power through the use of words and sounds, this time, in the form of a Story unfolding in the here and now.

The Storyteller archetype is very much alive and resonating even in this contemporary and digitalized society. The Harp is probably the very instrument of Storytelling and surely the one that can be used to bring back this ancient tradition in our therapeutic and everyday space.

Therapeutic Storytelling is one of the most accessible GI&HT methods. It can be used with kids, teenagers and adults alike. In schools, day centers, nursing homes, as well as businesses and organizations.

We are made of the Stories that have been told to us and the ones that we are able to create for ourselves and the whole of society. We just need to learn again how to open up to their incredibly transformative potential and how to use them for personal growth and wellbeing.


Online one-to-one Lessons

Ludwig is available for online private lessons on the topic of Harp Therapy and Guided Imagery. 

For further information: or

Harp Therapy & Guided Imagery


Therapeutic Storytelling with the Harp

Oct 2024

Do you want to learn how to tell Stories using the full imaginative potential of your Harp?

Have you ever used Storytelling with kids or adult patients and want to know more?

This is the course for you!

For information on fees, time schedule, complete program and registration:

Harp therapy Mountain Retreats in Italy

Ludwig organizes retreats in beautiful natural and cultural venues in Northern Italy. Retreats are the perfect occasion to deepen the study of harp therapy and directly enjoy its numerous benefits. They are meant to be both a training opportunity and a way to personally experience the full potential of our magnificent instrument in a place of calm and beauty.

Retreats are usually held in a mountain lodge called Pian della Castagna ( that dates back to medieval times and sits in a national park and on Lake Como or Lake Maggiore.

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