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Harp therapy & Guided Imagery
Online Courses

The Online courses are open to all levels harp therapy practitioners and students who want to deepen their knowledge of Harp therapy in combination with Guided Imagery.

The focus will be laid on the use of the Harp (scales, modes, improvisation and creative accompaniment patterns...) and the use of our Voice (voice consciousness, therapeutic voice, humming and accessible vocal improvisation....) in a set of Harp therapy interventions in Preventive Care and Individual Wellbeing.


Beginners Level

2025 - Dates TBD


The Online course comprises of two modules for a total of 12 hours of teaching, both in the form of Live sessions via Zoom and Video lessons.

First Module:

Deep Relaxation (6 hours)

Second Module:

Creative Visualization (6 hours)

For each module there will be 3 Live Webinars, (every two weeks, on Sundays 8 PM European Time - 2 PM New York Time) and several Video Lessons for a total of 9 hours of Live lessons and 6 hours of Video Lessons and Extra Material.

For those who cannot attend the Live Webinars, recordings will be provided.

The course will be in English.

At the end of the Online course students will receive either


sponsored by Arpamagica, a well-known, Italian Music therapy Institution that is part of the World Federation of Music Therapy.

For further information on fees, time schedule, detailed program and registration:

Archetypes and Visualization - Advanced Level
2025 - Dates TBD

The Level 2 GI&HT Course is open to all the students, who have successfully completed the Level 1 Online Course. 
The Course will focus on how to build a full Guided Imagery Threapeutic Cycle. Students will learn how to structure 5 different archetypical Visualizations and use both their Harp and Voice to guide their clients into a profound and regenerative experience of deep connection with their inner strengths.
The Level 2 Online Course will be the right platform to learn new forms of Modal Improvisation that can be applied in many different settings, from Sound baths, to Yoga pratices, Guided Meditations and Sound Healing sessions.

The Course comprises of a total of 12 hours: 
5 Live Lessons on Zoom (10 hours)
Video lessons and extra material (2 hours)

For further information on fees, time schedule, program and registration, please contact:

International Online Course 

coming up in October 2024

This Course is a dive into 20 years of experience and research on the powerful combination of Storytelling and live harp music in the framework of a consolidated music and harp therapy model.

We are the children of the Stories that we are told.

In our ability to tell Stories reside the roots of our Past, the awareness of our Present and the chance to forge our Future.

On the wings of these narratives, we travelled to the four corners of the world, we trod the ancient ways and drifted  into remote and uncharted dimensions of our collective and individual Unconscious.

We can learn so much about ourselves listening to other people's deeds and adventures. We can open up to new possibilities and solutions to our human dilemmas.

It is time to bring this enormous potential back to our therapeutic and daily spaces!

In Ludwig's approach, Therapeutic Storytelling directly stems from Guided Imagery and is based on an array of techniques that combine improvised modal music and free storytelling based on some precise and very accessible narrative and musical canvases.

This model can be used in the most diverse scenarios, from individual or group sessions to schools, prayer groups, nursing homes, hospices, hospitals and even businesses and organizations.
This method targets kids, teenagers and adults alike and offers a unique chance to  re-educate people to a healthy use of imagination and creativity, using some powerful stories of self-discovery, realization and spiritual growth.

Music does play an essential role in such approach, via its inherent ability to create and maintain a space of connection with one's unconscious in a playful but nevertheless sacred and profound way.

You'll learn how to build a small, personalized cycle of therapeutic stories and how to weave the right music for the magic to happen.

The Course will comprise of 3 modules of 2 live lessons each: 

Module one - Lessons 1 and 2: 
Introduction to Therapeutic Storytelling

Module two - Lessons 3 and 4: 
Storytelling for Adults

Module three - Lessons 5 and 6:
Storytelling for Kids

Lessons will be Live on Zoom and recordings will be provided together with Notes and Extra Materials.

The places are limited!
Admissions start on May 10th

For further information on fees, time schedule and program:


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