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Throughout my career as a practitioner and as a teacher, my greatest joy has always been to meet so many beautiful souls and humbly share with them the fruits of my personal and professional journey in a friendly and authentic way. Here you find some testimonials from my Music and Guided Imagery Course students...

Christina Tourin

Founder of the International Harp Therapy Program - CTHP and trained Music Therapist

"There are two courses in my life that stand out from all the others including my Conservatory and college degrees. The first is the Resonant Kinesiology Program founded by Susan Borg which has become the foundation for the International Harp Therapy Program bringing Science and Spirituality together in a way it will change the world. The second course is Ludwig Conistabile's Music and Guided Imagery Courses that prepare harp players to create the sounds that achieve this union for awareness and change. This is where you will learn the power of silence while learning the combination of sounds that physically and emotionally move the human body!  There are two segments to the course that will change your playing, thus your life in infinite ways. It receives the highest recommendation of any training you will find even if you were not to use any words!"

Julia Mitchell

Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner, UK

"In my lessons with Ludwig I learned to play the harp therapeutically in a whole new way. He's a gifted and generous teacher who explains his ideas clearly whilst still leaving space for individual interpretation and creativity. I'm so glad I took this course." 

Bonnie Berk

Certified Holistic Nurse with a Masters Degree in Health Sciences,  USA

"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this course. This has been a wonderful experience that literally changed my life! 

I continue to do this work and offer to both individuals and groups in my community.

The responses I am getting are so positive and powerful! 

I am so grateful  the universe led me to you and your teachings! I look forward to continue working with you." 

Maria a. Angeli

HT practitioner, holistic learning & connection advocate, Greece

Participating in both HT&GIM courses with Ludwig Conistabile, I had the opportunity and blessing to be in a noble adventure and an extremely interesting learning journey, contributing to the planetary healing as well. Ludwig has been deeply generous in his offerings regarding the content of the courses and our interactions with him, always supportive for each one of us and the whole group and deeply dedicated to his harp GIM mission. I had been constantly learning and evolving and I still blossom and express my creativity after the end of the two courses (July 2023).

I am enthusiastic for deciding to give myself this gift and I look forward to future encounters with Ludwig and his endeavours.

I am already preparing myself for the Brazil harp residency in summer 2024.

With gratitude and love.

Martha Lawrance

 Professional Harpist & Harp Therapist, Canada

"This HT&GIM course was truly one of the most interesting and enjoyable musical programs I have attended. As a passionate and knowledgeable teacher, Ludwig presented all segments with clarity and manageable examples for all levels. He offers all possibilities with great detail  to then adapt to your own situation or practice. I am now able to offer GIM sessions confidently. What a wonderful journey!"

Ali Cardon

 Clinical Musician Intern, USA

"I learned so much from Ludwig's Harp Therapy and Guided Imagery Level 1 course. 

 His insight, knowledge and talent is so inspiring and I feel like I gained so much perspective and awareness of another dimension of harp playing. Ludwig's class was well-paced and I felt that each session was productive and informative. I would recommend this class to all musicians who want to take their playing to a more intuitive and supportive level."

Alice McGarvie

Occupational therapist and certified therapeutic harp practitioner, UK

"Ludwig has a unique style of merging relaxing harp music with guided imagery that we are lucky he chooses to share with us.  His knowledge of the methods and key aspects of relaxation and visualisation needed for this therapeutic journey is superb and his musical ideas to blend with different archetypes are just perfect, and easily give the different feelings of various archetypes.  The course has expanded my offering as a therapeutic harp practitioner, increased my knowledge of modes and scales, and given me more improvisation techniques and ideas for my practice."

Sandy Robitaille-Pereira
Certified Clinical Musician, USA

"What a joy it was to participate in your two Beta certificate programs for the use of Guided Imagery with Harp Therapy. I can honestly say that I looked forward to every workshop. I love your Sound Cocoon method of creating a resonant therapeutic soundscape, and have applied your method to my clinical musician practice. I have been using the concepts covered in the advanced course during my bedside visits, and have had positive response at both Yale hospitals and the hospice where I play therapeutically for patients. During the courses themselves, I particularly appreciated how organized and thorough you were throughout both the introductory and the advanced programs -- with outlines, summaries, recordings and online resources, as well as the ability to revisit the material with recordings of each session.
I'm so glad you told me about these courses, Ludwig, and thank you for making this available to me in the United States."

Bev Ross


'Ludwig has combined guided imagery with harp therapy in an approach that is beautiful, deep and practical. After taking Level I, I found many ways to integrate GIM into my work at an acute care hospital. Ludwig is a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend his courses!'

Liza Chan

IHTP student, HT&GIM Level 1 student, Hong Kong 

"It is such a blessing to be able to participate in the harp therapy and guided imagery (HT&GIM) course taught by Ludwig.  He is a very talented and experienced harp therapist who can bring in new perspectives on harp therapy to his students. HT&GIM course is an inspiring and valuable course through which Ludwig guides me through a wonderful heart touching journey.  It creates space, resonance and relaxation, not only to my audience but also to myself.  The technique being taught in the course is so powerful that I can feel the difference in my Wellbeing. It is fascinating to combine our voice with our cherished instrument- harp.  I highly recommend the HT&GIM course to those who want to bring their harp therapy experience to the next level."

Lies Jooesten

 CHTP, Netherlands

"Ludwig's Guided Imagery with Harp online training has enriched my
musical palette as the images and stories deepened my understanding of
the modes and patterns. Besides, it has helped me to use words and
provide verbal support in therapeutic musical sessions. I am indeed
integrating the theory and music in my daily work as as therapeutic and
performing musician. thanks!"

Beatrice Lacerti

 Spiritual Advisor, Harp and Sound Therapy practitioner, Switzerland

"I had the opportunity to be part of the GIM course and the GIM advanced course with the archetypes. I learned so much and Ludwig has an unbelievable know-how, not only for harps, music and harp therapy. His knowledge embraces so much more! It is and was a highly appreciated pleasure and experience to be within his group. Absolutely recommendable for all who are interested going deeper in the soul, in the invisible world and help their clients in so many healing ways."

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