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HT Retreats & Residencies

Is there a better way to deepen our familiarity with Harp Therapy and Guided Imagery than immersing ourselves in a unique and mesmerizing real life experience? HT Retreats and Residencies are meant to be the right place and time for us to connect with the beauty of our instrument and model, surrounded by nature, in reachable yet fascinating locations. Read below to read about the last Residency for HT students in Italy in the Summer of 2023! And stay tuned to know more about the incredible surprise location of the upcoming Summer 2024 HT&GIM residency in Brazil!

HT&GI Residency in Brazil - August 2024
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 International Harp Therapy Festival "Gardens of Harps"  
Uanà Eté Ecological Garden, Rio de Janeiro - 7th to 11th August 2024

An amazing place, the Ecological Garden Uanà Eté, a two-hour drive from Rio de Janeiro, an incredible chance to meet and deepen your knowledge of Harp Therapy with myself and Christina Tourin from the IHTP.

5 days in the oceanic forest of Brazil to connect with nature, archetypes and sounds. I'll be offering modules on Guided Imagery for Beginners and Advanced Students as well as launching my upcoming "Therapeutic Storytelling with the Harp" Online Course and offering immersive experience of Deep relaxation and Visualization in the forest. 

For more info, check out this link:

HT&GIM Residency on Lake Iseo, Northern Italy - July 13th to 17th 2023 

Monte Isola (literally Island Mountain) is a breathtaking island on Lake Iseo, in Northern Italy, between Lake Como and Lake Garda, only 40 minutes away from one of Milan's Airports. It has been the enchanting place where students of the HT&GIM Online Courses (all levels, all editions) met with me for a long weekend  of full immersion into Deep relaxation and Creative visualization.

From Thu July 13th to Mon July 17th, we drifted away and stayed in the warming embrace of nature and history, surrounded by the waters of the Lake and the sound of our harps. 

The HT&GIM Residency was titled "The Sound of Dreams" and it's been the perfect chance both to experience and practice the power of Imagination and Deep relaxation and have a taste of a peaceful holiday in Italy. Current and former HT students and practitioners took part to this six day experience, we had a wonderful group of 15 people from three different continents and 10 nationalities.

We had around 4 hours of lessons and 1 hour of individual/group/pair practice each day, plus some time to enjoy the island and the surrounding territory. We were in the heart of Franciacorta, one of the most renowned Italian wine counties, where History, Nature and Gastronomy meet. So much to enjoy!

The lessons took place in Peschiera Maraglio - the main island village and from our windows we could see the lake and here its waves crashing just a few meters away.

If you're interested in future Residencies and Retreats, don't hesitate to contact me for information and reservation.

NEXT TIME we'll meet in BRAZIL in August 2024!!! Stay tuned!

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